Rowan Tea

Young rowan tree leaves make a great herbal tea! To get the most out of the leaves there’s a few tricks to know – most importantly that fermentation is a surprisingly easy process and improves the scent and flavour greatly.

SO – Pick young, clean and well-looking leaves. Let them sit for a few hours so that they become a leathery. Then start rolling the leaves into small balls between your hands, squashing them so that the cells break and the leaves start giving out fluids. Place the balls into a clean glass jar and put the jar into the oven with the lid loosely closed. Set the oven on low temperature, 50 degrees celsius is enough. Bake for an hour or more, until the leaves are brownish and release a nice herbal scent. Take the leaves out of the jar, unroll them and lay them as a thin layer to dry somewhere warm and dry. When the leaves are completely dry, store them in a tight metal or glass container. You can crush them into smaller pieces if you wish.

To make yourself a nice cuppa tea, brew a spoonful in hot (95 celsius) water for at least 5 minutes!